How to Test Drive Casino Customer Support

A very important tip shared with me by an online gambling pro was to always test drive the casino’s customer support before I put any of my hard earned cash at the site.  He told me that customer support and the way your issues are addressed tells you a whole lot about the site.  If your questions are answered quickly and professionally, the chances are that your entire gaming session will be a positive one.  If, however, you don’t get the reply that you want, to your satisfaction, this could be a warning light about things to come.

It’s reasonably simple to test drive the customer support at an online casino which you are considering opening an account with.  All you need to do is look out for a convenient way to contact them.  This could be via email, free phone or live chat and, by the way, if the online casino doesn’t offer you multiple ways to contact them, this may also be a point against them.